Whether you have watched porn or not I’m sure you know what it is and what it involves. My problem with pornography isn’t what it is and involves, more what it promotes, maybe without its knowledge, but I think that would be naive of me to assume.

I think back to my first experiences with pornography, being slightly before the internet revolution porn wasn’t so readily available, it was either in a magazine or on VHS (wow that makes me feel old) and was not available 24/7. I remember the magazines – although everything was on show – never actually depicting sexual acts, it was more poses in lets say… Compromising positions. VHS I remember to show sexual acts but nothing too extreme that would need categorising, it was just what to me is normal porn.

*When I refer to “normal porn” or “normal sex” this is my definition of the term and I can appreciate other people’s interpretation of “normal porn” can be different*

Now, in 2015, with the advancement of the internet and the rapid growth of technology, pornography is available 24/7, very easily too. You now no longer need a VHS or to acquire a magazine, both of which was very difficult in my teenage years not being old enough to purchase either. You can simply pull your smartphone out of your pocket and access it anywhere, any-time, whenever you want! This to me is scary and something that I agree is out of the industry’s hands (to a certain extent) but it doesn’t take away the fact that now anyone whether they meet the legal requirements or not, can watch it freely and easily.

That is not my only cause for concern. I feel pornography has changed and not for the better. If you watch a porn video now, all you see is a man, pretty much using the girl in any way he wants. You get the impression the man is in control and the woman is nothing but an object of his sexual desire, that he is free to throw around, and do whatever he pleases until he is finished. This is not an accurate representation of sex, I’m not saying this is wrong because I know sex and pornography are two totally different things, the younger viewers however do not know this.

For a young teenage boy to see this and think “this is how you have sex, this is how you treat women,” Is the scariest part in all this. I revert back to my teenage years and recall the videos being very corny, of poor quality, with crazy scenarios of plumbers and the usual cheesy drivel that eventually leads to sex. That is how when being younger the line between pornography and real sex was far from blurred. It was easy to tell that real life situations don’t always end up in sex which made porn more of a dirty movie rather than 30 minuets of a man dominating a woman, which is evidently all you will find today.

Today pornography seems to be only concerned with penetration. The way I describe today’s pornography you don’t need to look in a specialist category to find it, it is on any home page of any pornography site you go on. This kind of pornography blurs the line between pornography and real sex for the younger more impressionable viewer. It is in no way corny, it is at times brutal and makes for difficult viewing, which is partly the reason I don’t watch it any more. The quality has improved considerably – although with the emergence of HD recording and digital platforms to distribute content, this is to be expected – and most of all it is free!

I did feel the industry was wholly responsible, but someone made me realise it is a whole conglomerate of factors that contribute to the content being so easily available. Firstly I will say what I think the porn industry could do to prevent teenage minds being warped by a false image of something that is very important to a young person growing up.

If nothing can be done to stop kids going on sites on their smartphone, or at home on the computer, then it should be regulated in a way that doesn’t let content that is usually what you would need to actually search for, getting through.

For Example:

A girl (I say girl because rarely does the porn star look over 20) who is being choked, and set upon by a pack of horny wolves, should not be on a home screen. It should be categorised with some other form of extreme sex, (I understand extreme to some people is more than choking but that’s where sub-categories come in) and furthermore; if you want to view anything other than normal sex then you should have to input details of some sort to stop younger viewers seeing what only adults should be viewing. Another idea would be to make it compulsory for new visitors to create an account in order to view any of the content.

Then it brings me onto the parents. I’m not a parent myself however I’m not ignorant to any situation, therefore I am not going to insult or patronise parents out there by saying “you shouldn’t be letting your kids watch it, it’s as simple as that!” I’m aware it is next to impossible to monitor what a teen does on their phone but that’s where I think phone companies should step up and take responsibility. I think any time a parent buys a phone the salesman should be made to talk them through the web safety filters. Even make it mandatory to have it installed on anybody’s phone who is under the age of 18, they are quick to talk to you about this “brand new protection case, that is only available from this shop! Buy it today and we’ll give it you for half the price…” I suppose there is no financial gain out of putting a safety feature on a web browser, so it would be hard to implement with commission driven salesmen.

So I’ll conclude with this; I realise my proposals will probably never happen, but it worries me and probably every parent out there, the unlimited supply of unregulated hardcore porn, at the very finger tips of our youth. It does nothing to capture the essence of love-making and promotes violent sex with no passion involved. These boys will practice what they see on our daughters, sisters and nieces. I’m not saying they shouldn’t have access to porn because it is an integral part of growing up, but there should be some sort of moderation on what is being propagated to the youth of today and generations to come.

Peace and Real Hip Hop Explicit!


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