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They say looks can be deceiving19209
, and I must say our beautiful planets inhabitants only help reinforce this phrase.

With the rise of the smartphone and the ever growing and expanding World Wide Web, in a 100 years time we should be looked back on as a pivotal stage of mankind along with the industrial revolution, the abolition of slavery, well, maybe not as pivotal as those eras depending on how you look at it but still, the internet revolution is something that should be revered in years to come.

We are living in a time of great atrocities, all sides of the globe are under fire. There are divides everywhere, whether they be class, race, religious or political and this can do nothing but fuel wars; wars in which the innocent are the victims and the guilty are very rarely revealed, wars which bring about destruction to families and infrastructures, wars that bring weapons of mass destruction into areas that cant afford a military unit to mount any form of defence. A bomb that takes a second to detonate can completely destroy decades of work.

This blog is written in response to the recent events in Paris, I clicked on social media this morning to see countless posts dedicated to all the unfortunate victims of the terrorist attacks in Paris. My heart goes out to everyone who lost their lives not only in France last night but all over globe. It may seem contradictory for a person to write in a post that they are thinking of the victims and their families in France because “we are all human” and “nobody deserves to die because of terrorism”  but on the other hand cheering when greeted with news that Mohammed Emwazi or Jihad John as he is more commonly known was eliminated. All you have to ask is how many innocent people died in order to achieve that goal? It is not a fault of any of these people that I did not see any dedications to the innocent victims in Iraq over the last few days. It is what is reported, people are not to know if they are not told.  (I mentioned earlier the rise of smartphones and the internet so all this information is as easily accessible as it has been in any time previous) Life is fast, news is depressing, people only really use their phones for social media and calls; they tend to catch up on the news after work in front of the T.V or at the table with the days tabloid of choice. This is the problem, I will not go too deep into media manipulation but I will say this: There were over 200 bombs dropped in the last few days as the US helped Kurdish fighters secure the region and seriously damage ISIS by eliminating Jihad John. 250 bombs and hardly reported in comparison to the Paris bombings. 250 bombs seems a little excessive, if that amount of bombs were to fall closer to home like in Europe or if they were to fall somewhere the victims looked like us like in the US, imagine the coverage! It would be all over front pages and on every news station. Reports suggest that the killing of Mohammed Emwazi was accurate and did not include any civilian casualties. This maybe so, but they are talking about THE bomb that killed him no mention of what damage the other 250 bombs did and they could not have all been without killing innocent civilians.

It seems we have a history of arming and funding small groups of radical Islamic forces in order to secure short term goals, it happened in Egypt with the Muslim-brotherhood, it happened in Iran with the Kashani and of course the Taliban and Al-Qaeda. These groups eventually get discarded when they are no longer of use and inevitably turn against their previous suppliers/trainers.

Flag_of_Palestine.svg  france-flagFlag_of_South_Africa.svg

I will conclude with this; I am not saying I disagree with heartfelt status’ about the victims, or a profile picture with a French Flag over it or #jesuisparis at the end of a status. If anything it is nice to see and I’m sure the victims families like to know that the world is displaying its condolences publicly. An innocent display of respect however can also be viewed as a mark of ignorance. Why do these victims matter more than the African casualties of recent months? Why isn’t there an option on Facebook to put an African flag over my picture? or a Palestinian flag over my picture? is it making people unwittingly join in to a mass display of – I hate to say it – racism? I will leave it there, I could go on for hours but I think that topics for another blog. There is no denying that this earth’s beautiful exterior is marred by its ugly occupants, we are all guilty of giving the planet its deceiving veneer and destroying it in one way or another. Maybe this is how our time will be remembered, as the beginning of the end of our existence.


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  1. Hello there, I found your blog through the community pool. I am glad to see that you are blogging again, and am excited for future posts. I really enjoyed your view on the recent happenings. I actually posted a blog tonight that covers the same topic. Give it a read at


    Thanks and good luck!

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